Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets Is The Way To Go

The kitchen is one of the most used rooms in the entire home and should be a room that is well thought out before beginning any remodeling project. When it comes to remodeling kitchen cabinets you have some very nice options you can consider, but timing is everything. This article will open your eyes to a few possibilities for remodeling kitchen cabinets.

Before you start remodeling kitchen cabinets you must make some clear plans. The first item on your list should be your goals for the project. There is a major difference in remodeling kitchen cabinets and replacing kitchen cabinets. The main advantage to remodeling your kitchen cabinets is the fact that you can save a ton of money. You can also save allot of head ache and labor.

The two major keys to a successful kitchen cabinet remodeling job will be to determine the following two factors.

1 – Convenience (Usefulness and Storage)

2 – Style (Look and Feel)

Convenience: This is going to entail some interior remodeling and possibly restructuring the inside layout of a cabinet. You may be installing some slide outs in one cabinet to make it easier to get pots and pans out. You may want to add a spice rack or other convenient attachments.

You can find some wonderful ideas at your local home improvement centers. You may be able to find free flyers at Home Depot and Lowes building supply to help with creating solid plans.

Style: A nice style can be obtained by adding some new handles or re-staining your cabinets. The key is timing on this. You might be able to fins incredible deals on close out at major home improvement stores or smaller hardware stores near the end of the year. You may also ask them when the do inventory clearances and find everything up to 75% off.

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Gun Safe Reviews and Tips On Getting the Best Gun Safe Cabinet

Buying Tips For Finding a Quality Gun Safe Cabinet

When you buy a long gun safe, you want to be sure you’re not getting taken for a ride. Here are some qualities of high-quality safes that you should watch out for.

First off, you should expect to shell out about $1200 on up for a decent safe. Contrary to popular belief, the major makers know the best placement for hinges is on the outside (unless you’re buying a Grade 1 European safe – they place the hinges on the inside, and have solid construction, no complaints here). The reason American safe makers place the hinges on the outside is so that the thieves waste precious time attacking that area, as opposed to the lock itself. They’ll get nowhere on a quality long gun safe.

The interior should be, at the very least, 58-inches high. The reason for this is you’ll have clearance then for your 30-inch-long barrels, and will allow for shelving near the top for your smaller items. Other great features to watch for, though they may be installed after-market, are a rotational rack, and a stack of drawers for your smaller guns and other items. After all, if you’re going to shell out this much money, you may as well be organized to boot.

As to locking mechanism, the dials made by Sargent & Greenleaf®, whose parent company is Stanley Security Solutions®, are top-shelf according to many in the industry. They aren’t the only name in the industry, but if they were, your guns would be in good hands! If you want to go with a digital combination, make sure it’s a UL Listed Type II or better, or Type I (commercial grade electrical) lock. Anything less is risky business.

Do your homework as to fire-proofing material, and there are plenty of opinions on this subject. Many manufacturers are using the UL listing for fireboard (a.k.a. a thin layer of drywall) to list their safes as a fireproof gun safe. This isn’t exactly top of the line quality, so really inquire from your manufacturer of choice how they construct their fireproof gun safe doors, walls and floor. A thin layer of drywall sandwiched between two thin sheets of sheet metal isn’t a quality safe!

The weight of your fireproof gun safe – especially the fireproof gun safe! – should be at least 750lbs. The steel should be at the very least 8 gauge steel for burglary protection, the better models use fire cladding and solid steel plating. By the way, when buying a gun safe cabinet, the lower the gauge of steel, the thicker the material.

Security on your gun safe cabinet should be at least a UL-listed “RSC” (residential security container) rating – this is bottom shelf security and is not tested to withstand break-ins nor fire damage. This is the minimum rating, and should be able to buy you FIVE minutes under a theft attempt. Given minimal tools, in other words, a thief off the street will be able to crack open an RSC-rated safe.

Your better bet is to buy a European Grade 1, or UL Listed TL-15 or TL-30. There are other, higher ratings for safes that pass tests that UL conducts that include explosion endurance, impact resistance, 6-sided attacks, and torch attacks, but usually such ratings incur exorbitant fees and aren’t typical for residential use. For that reason they won’t be covered in our gun safe reviews, but know that if your gun safe cabinet has these ratings, you’ve bought a quality safe. One of the best fireproofing materials for fireproof gun safe construction is Palusol®. This material expands with heat and keeps out fire, smoke and usually water as well.

Be sure the exterior is rust-resistant as well – this safe should give you more than a lifetime of endurance. Also, gun racks, drawers, felt lined shelves, an interior lighting system, a bolt-pattern to secure it in place, and a dehumidifying system should all be included or at least installed at some point.

Gun Safe Reviews of Great Gun Safe Cabinets

Onto the gun safe reviews!

Ft. Knox “Legend” Series Gun Safe Cabinet

Ft. Knox “Legend” series is their top-level line of safes. They are made with a 3/16-inch steel body plate, and are also protected by a 10-gauge, reinforced steel lining. The doors on the Legend series are 1-3/4-inches thick, reinforced and fire-rated. Mind you, the 1-3/4-inches is an “overall thickness,” so it isn’t fully steel! Actually, the steel is only 5/16-inch at the door, so just a little over a quarter inch. In other words, a good measure of that thickness is drywall or “fireboard” as they call it – simply the same stuff you can punch a hole through with your hand in your home or office. The good news is that there is a qualified “hard plate” and ball bearings to foil drilling attempts.

Ft. Knox has their own locking mechanism – the “Rack and Pinion,” which is a multi-gear system. They do have a mechanical re-locking system, but reviews seem consistent that their construction is decent. Their locking bolts are 100% independent of one another, and are comprised of up to 55 gears which in turn operate up to (28) 1-1/2-inch bolts. That’s good security, as are the corner bolts in the door.

Other features are the UL Listing, and certified fire protection at 1680 degrees F, for 90 minutes. It should be noted that their fire proof method is simply 2 layers of drywall, so not necessarily the best way to go as far as options are concerned. A few nice touches are the lights package, carpet lining, “limited lifetime” warranty, dehumidifier, remote relocker, and optional biometric locking mechanism. A good start to our gun safe reviews, all told.

On a Budget? Try this on Offer From Granite Security®

Weighing in at under 600 pounds, and sporting an economic $599.99 price tag, Granite Security® (who makes Winchester® safes), makes a Sam’s Club product that is available when it’s available. This safe is better than the other bargain gun safe cabinet fodder on the market, though it doesn’t have a ton of bells and whistles. Many would-be gun safes on the market are little more than sheet metal lockers, and set you back about $2-400.

Not this safe. This safe has a place on our gun safe reviews because it is a quality product for the price. It comes with 1-inch-thick bolts, 1-inch-thick door jamb, and the walls weigh in at 12-gauge steel. With that level of protection, it’s been given the bare essential UL RSC rating, which is the lowest you want for a gun locker. It isn’t as high as it should be – only 56-inches on the interior, which means you’ll need to either modify the top shelf to accommodate your 30-inch-long barrel rifles, or remove the top shelf. The exterior is 60 x 30 x 22 inches.

A nice touch is that the interior is adjustable, so you can store 24 guns inside if you use both sides, or 12 on the left side. You can also opt for shelves throughout, but just plan on around 8 or 10 guns on each side. There is an access port for the dehumidifier, and this brute is heavy enough that a thief would have a difficult time walking away with it. The lock’s UL approved, as well, so you’d be good to go with this one.

Stack On® 36-Gun, Fire Resistant, Waterproof, and Convertible Gun Safe Cabinet with Electronic Lock – GSXW-836-DS

Stack On® has been around since the early 1970′s, producing quality gun safe cabinets, too chests, file cabinets and a host of other storage products. They have become a well-trusted name in making quality steel products, and this is the top-line, largest gun locker. This particular model is part of their “Total Defense Safes” line of products, so-called because they are rated from the ETL labs as fire-resistant as well as water resistant (according to their spec’s, these safes can last in up to 2 feet of standing water for 72 hours!). The unit has a rubber-like gasket along the door, as well as other water-proofing measures.

If you want to keep your guns secure, this safe comes packed with 7 very large live-action bolts, as well as 3 dead bolts on the hinge-side of the door. The door is pry-resistant, making sure nobody gains access to the contents. The locking mechanism is a 3 number combination for simplicity, opened by an austere, 3-spoke handle covered with rubber grips. If you forget the combination and are timed out after 3 incorrect entry attempts, there is also a trouble-key included. And don’t worry about replacing batteries, there’s an alarm for low battery life, the batteries are simple to replace from the front of the safe.

Stack On safe’s gun barrel rests are a patented feature, allowing your scoped guns to be neatly filed in place, using the carpeted gun racks. The gun safe cabinet comes with 6 fully adjustable shelves, so you can store 36 rifles or split the difference and use the safe for storage of other valuables in half of the space. The powder coated, silver and black motif with chrome hardware makes for a pretty sight, as well. At little over $1500, this is a rugged piece of equipment that will give you years of enjoyment.

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Remodeling Kitchen Cabinets Is Very Rewarding

When it comes to remodeling kitchen cabinets you can make several nice upgrades and add tremendous value to your home. You may want to consider this type of project at certain times of the year to gain the best possible options for your remodeling project. This article will expose some secrets to finding the perfect time for remodeling kitchen cabinets.

You should make sure you have a real feel for your project before you begin remodeling kitchen cabinets in your home. You will be saving money and time so you should have plenty of time to make a good plan and list out all the priorities. Although you are not replacing your kitchen cabinets you can still rebuild them if you need more storage space.

Some deciding factors when remodeling kitchen cabinets is whether or not you are after look and style or usefulness. If a new look is what you are after for your kitchen cabinets then this will involve re-staining or repainting or possible adding new hardware and front panels. If space or convenience is the idea for your kitchen cabinets then you may need to check out other cabinets to see some unique designs and then incorporate them into your current cabinet structure.

Going for convenience is usually one of the number one goals for most people. You can find some great ideas online and at your local home improvement stores. If you check the front of the store at palaces like Home Depot they will have free flyers to help with plans.

When style comes into play you have several options to add spice to your kitchen cabinets. If you find the right time of year you may be able to get some great deals on hardware like new knobs and stylish handles for all your kitchen cabinets. You should ask your local hardware when they are doing clearance inventory they will often give deep discounts at this time of year.

Remodeling kitchen cabinets is a project well worth looking into over replacing them. The cost and time savings alone is well worth the time to create some ideas.

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Where to Mount Cabinet Door Handles

A simple way to change the look of existing cabinets and drawers is to add decorative knobs and handles. With the wide assortment of materials, designs and sizes available, it is an easy task to find the appropriate hardware that not only adds functionality to the storage area, but will add complement the décor of the room and reflect personal style. Often the proper choice of hardware can be used to pull several elements together to give the impression of a professionally decorated room.

Choosing the right knobs and handles is not the only area where personal style is displayed. Determining the placement can also be a big part not only of functionality, but of design.

Pulls and handles can be mounted either horizontally or vertically. Some people choose to install a handle or pull horizontally on drawers and place the same hardware fixture vertically on the cabinet.

New hardware on drawers can also be mounted singularly, in the center of the drawer, or a pair of pulls or knobs can be installed on a wider drawer. Let your choice be made governed by stability and personal appeal.

Once you have decided on the orientation of the new hardware installation, the ideal location of the handle will have to be determined. Make sure that it is within the comfortable reach of the user. Check to make sure there will be proper clearance of nearby appliances when the drawer or cabinet is open, so as not to cause damage.

Before drilling the first hole, picture the symmetry of the finished design. Many rooms have different sizes of cabinets, drawers and doors, and it’s possible that the visual effect of the new hardware will be distracting and unbalanced if it is placement is determined by the door dimension rather that the overall flow. For example, cabinets above the stove and over the refrigerator are quite high, and a door pull placed one third way from the bottom will not only be unpractical for functionality, but can be an eyesore because of it’s placement.

A narrow drawer will look odd with two handles, even thought a wider drawer in the same room may require a double handle for stability.

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Patio Furniture Clearance Sales Year Round

If you’ve ever tried to get the patio furnishings of your dreams during the short spring and summer selling season, then you know how hard it can be. The pickings at your neighborhood store can be downright slim. And even if you do find the perfect piece, it can cost you an arm and a leg.

However, there is a better way to get a deal while still getting top quality furniture: the patio furniture clearance sale.

The best ones are online and many furniture sellers offer nice discounts on fashionable, top quality furnishings that may be just what you’re looking for.

Yes, the words “patio furniture clearance” can strike fear in the hearts of many a homeowner. Thoughts of poor quality, scratch and dent pieces come to mind – furniture you wouldn’t be caught owning, let alone relaxing in.

But “patio furniture clearance” doesn’t have the same meaning when you’re shopping for quality furniture. Rather, it could simply mean the seller had an overstock of a particular piece or style or they may have to make room for new furnishings.

If you’re interested in shopping patio furniture clearance sales, you’ll want to consider both in-store and online sales. If you live in a location with seasonal sales, you’ll want to start shopping for a sale in July. By August everything will be gone as retailers enter the holiday shopping season. All the patio furniture clearance items have to make way for Halloween and Christmas.

Online is another matter. No matter what the season, there always seems to be a sale going on somewhere. Entering the keywords “patio furniture clearance” is a great way to start your online search. You can also enter phrases like “patio furniture sale” or “patio furniture discount”. It may take a few tries to find exactly what you’re looking for.

And what will you find? While you can always find an assortment of your run of the mill plastic chairs and tables, you can also find gorgeous pieces that will turn your deck or balcony into a showcase of style, beauty and comfort.

One of the great things about online patio furniture listings is that you can shop by style, material or color. In other words, you can find matching teak pieces quickly and easily, including many accent pieces that you wouldn’t normally find, even in a well-stocked outdoor furnishing store.

For example, you may find a lovely sofa and loveseat set as well as a matching storage chest and even a trash receptacle in matching teak. Many times these furnishings come from nationally known manufacturers, not a low-end exporter.

Best of all, they come with an attractive price tag. In contrast to the height of summer where you will pay top dollar for your purchases, patio furniture clearance sales may mark down that same item anywhere from 10% to 50% or even more.

When shopping for clearances, pay particular attention to the shipping and handling fees. Some online retailers tack on shipping, which can reduce your savings. Try to find those who offer free shipping or really reduced rates. They are out there. You just need to do your homework.

Finding patio furniture clearance sales is relatively straightforward and can even be an adventure. By investing just a little time and effort, you can find top quality items at very competitive prices, often without leaving the comfort of your own home. Not only do you end up with some gorgeous furniture in the process, but you also can save quite a bit of money, enough to spring for a nice cookout with friends and family so you can all enjoy your smart buys.

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